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AWS Customizable AWG

Atmospheric Water Supply can customize our air to water machines to fit any need. Options range from gallons per day to optional off the grid power supplies. These units can produce from 100 gallons per day to 1000's of gallons per day of the purest drinking water on the planet. Contact us for more details about our air to water generators.

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AWS Bottling Plant

Atmospheric Water Supply Bottling plants are competitive with spring water sources for cost and quality. With many jurisdictions clamping down on reverse osmosis (RO) water bottling plant systems due to their negative environmental impact, the stage is set to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. 

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Commercial Products

97% of the world's water is undrinkable salt water and more than half of the 3% that is freshwater, is inaccessible due to polar ice caps. Even though 70% of the earth is covered by water, more than 50% of the world population has insufficient drinking water. According to the World Bank, $600 billion is invested in water delivery systems and the United Nations has announced a worldwide water shortage. Scientists have given warning of this and constructive steps are being taken, but current methods to achieve clean drinking water are expensive and wasteful.

Our commercial systems serve several purposes: making water, dehumidifying the air, conditioning outside air and effectively purifying indoor air. All are accomplished with a single source of energy thereby making our systems a unique energy efficient water making system available today.

Our industrial atmospheric water generators can be placed on top of buildings, as well as on ground level. In addition, the machines are customizable. Atmospheric Water Supply can manufacture these units to fit almost any commercial need, including water bottling plants. These models have been designed to work outdoors in most arid world locations with humidity levels of 30%-90%.

Safe and affordable water!

Numerous Applications:
Military, disaster relief, mining, food and beverage production, bottled water plants, air conditioning and water supply for large apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, villages, hotels, ships, yachts, cabins, livestock, agriculture including greenhouse organic produce with climate and humidity quality control – almost anywhere man needs fresh clean water, he is now able to tap into the source to produce water from the humidity.

Quality heavy duty commercial Atmospheric Water Supply air-to-water generating units are easily custom built, low maintenance, inexpensive to operate, and built for longevity. The AWG can be configured side by side to increase the safe and secure Air-to-Water production as needed and can produce 100s to 1000s of gallons of pure, fresh, clean water daily. Atmospheric Water Supply’s Commercial AWG units are a Green Solution committed to preserving diminishing ground water resources around the world and designing advanced high tech quality Air-to-Water machines to bring you the best water ever made.

  • Water on demand with heating and cooling optional
  •  Produces more water with exclusive patented technology
  •  Bacterial and virus elimination
  •  Fewer working parts than 1st Generation AWG units -  built for longevity
  • Advanced engineering practices enabling the manufacture of low  maintenance machines

Our commercial & industrial atmospheric water generators provide the following benefits...

Environmentally Safe and Friendly Water Source
Not depleting water from natural sources

Fresh Makeup Air
Cool, dry makeup air is provided to an indoor environment (conditions maintained below 50-60% RH), mold growth is prevented, and comfort is improved

Energy Efficient
Processing water from outside air is essentially FREE conditioned air

Pre-Cooler Option
Add a pre-cooler in front of the water generating system to increase water production of the units

To see what level of relative humidity exists where you are looking to locate one of our AWGs, please click on the link below.

World Humidity Map

      For more information about our Commercial Products, please contact our Sales Department.